Shall We Dance?

I love theater, and I especially love musicals. Whenever I get to visit New York City, I always go and see at least one play. I’ve done it a couple of times in London too. It’s always such a thrill for me. I recently went to see a performance of Into The Woods at the Chatelet Theater. I went for two reasons: I had a friend who was in the cast and it was in English. I had seen Into The Woods years ago on Broadway and I have to say that I enjoyed this presentation in Paris just as much as I had before. The acting and singing were superb and the set was fabulous. When I received a press ticket for the next musical, The King and I, I couldn’t wait to go.

I arrived early so stopped at a cafe next to the theater. I noticed there was a line and remembered that I had received an email saying that there was open seating. I should have gotten in line then when there were only twenty people or so. The performance for this night was what they call previews where the play is done and problems are looked for, kinks are worked out and I assume there is some sort of special deal for this time. I also thought that because I had a press pass that not only would I be able to bypass the line but that there would be special seating which turned out not to be the case. Before I got in line the waiter gave me my receipt and I made the mistake of paying him and then looking at it. He had charged me for two beers on top of my wine. When I showed it two him he was offended and acting like I accused him of cheating me which, thinking about it, might have been the case. I told him I wanted a new receipt even after he gave me the correct change. I went inside and talked to the manager and finally got it. I’m starting to learn, even after all this time, to look at all bills and receipts, check what is in the bag that is handed to you-such as fruit or another purchase, and to always check your change. In a town with lots of tourists and my American accent, they assume I’m a rooky and take advantage of that fact. I gave a bus driver a two Euro coin the other day for one ticket and he handed me my ticket and then turned away ignoring the fact that he owed me change. Jerk.

Here is a photo of my favorite scene from The King and I-Shall We Dance?. Because I didn’t get in early and because a bunch of really good seats were saved for supporters of the Chatelet Theater, I had a really crummy seat and could only see about 2/3s of the stage. Live and learn. The play was very professionally done with a huge cast, an excellent orchestre, and top rate acting.The dancing was especially delightful and the costumes lovely. I highly recommend it. It plays until June 29th. If you are in Paris and want to see some good theater, check out what is playing at the Chatelet. You won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t get home until almost midnight as it is a long play so I saw things I usually miss as I seldom leave home at night. I passed a restaurant just up the street from our apartment and loved to see it all lit up and full of patrons. I’m always so surprised at how late the French eat. The photo is a bit blurry but I love the light and the people inside.

2 thoughts to “Shall We Dance?”

  1. How great that you get press tickets! I love the “King and I” too…and what a lovely gown “Anna” is wearing in that luscious color.

    Have you ever read the original “Anna and the King of Siam?” It’s quite different than the musical adaptation and absolutely fascinating. As I remember, the wife of one of the composers was reading it and told her husband he really should do a musical based on it – lucky for all of us who’ve enjoyed “The King and I” over the years.

  2. Even with the bad seat, sounds like you enjoyed the play. Grace is in a production of Into the Woods. I’ve never seen it so I’m looking forward to it.

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