Iced Tea on a Hot Day

So it’s been hot in Paris. Not like the summer a few years ago where temperatures reached 100 degrees, but 75. I’ve lived in Texas and Arizona so I know hot but when trudging along hot city streets, 75 degrees feels really uncomfortable. Don’t even get me started on the unairconditioned metros and buses. Anyway, I was with a friend and we saw a Mariage Frères, famous for their teas, and decided that some of their ice tea would hit the spot and, believe me, it did.

Look at this gorgeous dessert! We had eaten a filling lunch so passed on having a piece. All of their desserts are flavored with their tea.

A huge glass of ice tea with ice!

Loved the sink in the bathroom.

We sat by this open window with a cooling breeze blowing in and a Paris scene just beyond.

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