Buly 1803

I keep reading about a shop in Paris called Buly 1803 so decided to find it and check it out. It’s at 6 rue Bonapart and really lovely selling scented things like candles, soaps and lotions.


Just look at the lovely, old fashioned interior-a step back in time.

How pretty is this?

Hand lotion. Love that hand.

Scented matches. I’m not sure how long the fragrance would last once you lit one. My Dad used to use a match in the bathroom before the days of scented bathroom sprays. I can still smell that sulfer odor when I think of my childhood.

Some of their products in the window. Just a captivating place.

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  1. Where’s this place located, Linda? I’ll be in Paris within the next couple of weeks — maybe I’ll have time to find it?


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