Here and There in Paris

One morning I went for a walk, and it turned out to be a long one, to take a look at a few things. It was a beautiful day and it turned in to a hot one so, after lunch I went back home but I got a few photos.

I started at Bastille and took a look at the Arsenal where boats are docked being a bit curious after my interview with Cris Hammond who is planning to dock there for the winter.

Crossing the river I saw this huge barge with another along side it, empty and cruising back to be reloaded somewhere.

I ended up at the Austerlitz metro station, one that I really like the design of.

This was on the walls of the quai. They just don’t decorate metro stations like that anymore.

This huge structure is in a courtyard surrounded on all four sides by your typical Parisian buildings. I saw a link about it and thought I’d check it out. It’s just off of Place d’Italie and I roamed around where it was supposed to be before I finally found the entrance. They are still working on it so I didn’t go in. I wish I had gone to a hotel and asked it I could get a view from up above. I looked for information on this building and can’t find it right now no matter what I put into Google. All I can tell you is that it is off of Avenue des Gobelins. You can’t see it from any street but only through an old archway. Strange but interesting.

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  1. From the old to the new. Those green ceramic decorative tiles are wonderful. And the new building . . . I’m still trying to figure it out!

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