I’m back from Switzerland and leaving today by train to go back to the beach. I’ve been traveling so much that I can’t remember all of the places I’ve been. I guess I’ll have to read my own blog and retrace my steps. Being with the grandkids was great but exhausting. Not only was there no school but there was a lot of rain which kept us all inside. When I arrived in Paris, unpacked, and put clothes in the washer, I went and met a friend for an early dinner. We sat outside on the terrace in the shade (it was hot), had wine and caught up.

Where we sat.

I had a glass of sauterne with ice. Very refreshing.

This guy to our left had a drink too. Note the cigarette and two packages of cigarettes. Terraces aren’t very pleasant anymore if you are a non-smoker but it was too hot to sit inside.

The guy to the right had this mint drink. Cigarettes there too.

3 thoughts to “Paris”

  1. You are a terrific Grandma! I wish I still lived in Zurich – I would have trained down to say hi. But I imagine you were very busy! Munich is a bit too far to come say “hi” 🙂

    I was at the English Garden having a really lovely latte macchiato yesterday – outside on the terrace, looking at the little lake – and was surrounded by smokers. Argh! Thankfully the breeze was lightly carrying the smoke away from me (well, mostly)

    Happy 4th!

  2. Meeting a friend for an early dinner seems the perfect plan after returning from babysitting your grandchildren. I always feel glad to have spent the time with them and a little wistful that we’re separated again, but glad to return to our peaceful empty nest, too.

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