A Brief Intermission

Well, I’m not sure what happened but I was unable to post yesterday. I called the server and finally found that I was able to get to the administration part of my blog this morning. Whew! It feels really strange when I can’t post. I think it’s a habit after all of these years.
I was going to write about the heat here in France and we certainly had it. It got up to 95 degrees which is fairly rare. We managed pretty well though by opening windows on either end of the apartment and turning on ceiling fans. When Maurice and I first moved to Paris I made him buy a portable air conditioning unit. The next year was that horrible summer where it was over 100 degrees for weeks and we certainly used it then. I now don’t usually feel the need for a/c anymore unless it is stuffy in a room like at my Mother’s when it’s too hot to open windows and she keeps the house about 80 or I’m on a metro or bus where the only way to cool them is to open the windows and then that is hot air. Anyway, it rained last night and it’s going to be 20 degrees cooler which is perfect.
I was also going to write about our trip to our local casino. Our neighbor, Madame L wanted to go. Her husband doesn’t really like it although he ended up going to. Maurice doesn’t like it either but will stand there and watch me. I love black jack. I only play until I lose (and I usually do) twenty Euros. Madame L likes roulette so we sat there and did that. An English guy sat down at our table too and bought 100 Euros worth of chips. His method of gambling was, right before the ball dropped, to basically cover the board with chips and he started winning really big. Madame L and I, both conservative just bet on if the number would be in the middle or bottom of the board and just about each time we’d win a little something. I was sort of being inspired by the English guy so I started putting chips on numbers and at the end of the night I ended up with a staggering win of 45 Euros. So that was fun. I was sort of the entertainment for those around me as I would show excitement when I won. Madame L sat there like she was bored and Maurice and her husband stood there and laughed at me. Maurice said I added ambiance. Whatever. I think Americans basically are more fun people.
A few photos taken in the city of La Rochelle.

These cups on the table of a place selling crepes are for the famous Brittany cider which has a low alcohol content. I keep looking for some to buy but haven’t seen any around here. It’s just sort of fun to have them when drinking cider.

The Hotel d’Ville is being renovated and is beautiful.

I loved this boat on the side of the building.

2copy4 This is a courtyard in my favorite house back in our city of Chatelaillon.

2 thoughts to “A Brief Intermission”

  1. Yes, we Americans are great fun!

    yikes, you have really had some warm temps. It is lovely here in Munich right now. We have a fan to keep the air moving, and that is sufficient for us (so far). Same for Zurich.

    I love your photos. We went to Normandy two years ago and really loved the cider. I brought home a lovely cider cup 🙂

  2. Wow! Horse races and casinos – next you’ll be moving to Monte Carlo! 🙂 I’m enjoying catching up with the blog. Lots of great photos. (That guy’s hat really is something; at least he won’t have to worry about sunburn.)

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