Alone on the Beach

You are never really alone on a beach but in the early morning or late evening it can seem like it.

All alone this morning, until I turned in the other direction and saw people ahead of me. It’s getting hot here everyday now and I try to get out early before the sun is high in the sky to avoid the heat. I’m sort of a delicate flower and wilt in heat.

I saw this sand shark sculpture one evening as I went out to the beach to watch the sun set.

Love these blue and white striped huts. I don’t know why I am so attracted to blue and white stripes, but I am. It’s very nautical. My favorite shirt used to be blue and white stripes and I wore it until it developed a hole. It was by J Crew and I had it for years. Time to buy another one.

See-you think you are alone on the beach and then you see that the sea gulls have been there before you.

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