I love to walk around in our little village and find new streets that I haven’t noticed before.

These vines are blooming everywhere right now. I used to see them in Provence too.

Did a macro of one of the flowers which made it look lit up from within.

I found a little cottage with the yard decorated in a nautical style and full of interesting things. This was the top of the gate with found debris from the sea glued to the top. The light was funny so I didn’t get as good a photo as I had hoped. I’d love to see the inside of this place. I bet it’s great with that shabby chic, seaside feel.

This was on the wall in the same yard.

Sweet metal heart on a door.

The name of a very short street where a house with the name, sans nom resides. Most of the older cottages and houses in Chatelaillon have names, often the names of the daughters of the owners. This home must have had a child that died before it was named which is sad.

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