A Brief Moment in Time

Maurice and I have left the beach and have returned to Paris for two days to prepare for our trip to Sardinia where we will join up with my son, Jason, and his family. I’ve never been there before but I’m thinking it will be a bit like Corsica since it is directly below it. We will see. In any case it will be fun. One of my grandsons requested a book, the third in a series he is reading-in French if you can believe it. So on Sunday, Maurice and I went out for a bit in an unsuccessful attempt to find it.

Crossing the bridge near Notre Dame we saw this tour boat go by under neath us. It was a hot day and all of the boats were full.

We went to Shakespeare and Company to look at their children’s books and found that they don’t sell any in French-but it was fun to poke around. We walked down Boulevard
Saint Michel where there are other book stores but none were open on Sunday.

Heading back to the metro stop we dropped into the garden in the interior garden of the hospital, the Hotel Dieu, across the way from Notre Dame. The bells from the cathedral were ringing beautifully, this being Sunday. This garden, which I have shown photos of before, seems like such a surprise to find at a hospital.

You can find these pianos all over France inviting you to play and one was here in the garden.

There’s a statue there that is periodically painted by medical students for some reason. It looks different every time I have visited here.

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  1. Linda, do you know what’s happening to the Hotel Dieu? There were protest signs on it when I passed by a couple of weeks ago that suggested it was being closed. No more hospital, new hotel?


  2. How nice to vacation with Jason and his family! It’s great that you have family on your side of the ocean – I know you must miss seeing the others on a regular basis. We watch a program called House Hunters International, and see many young families relocating to Europe – such an enriching experience for all. I wish we could have done something like that when our kids were young. Isn’t it wonderful that your grandson is reading in French and also speaks Italian?!!!

    The pianos are a delight. Do you often see people playing them?

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