Cool And Restful

After trudging around Paris looking for the book mentioned in the previous post, I met up with a friend for lunch. We almost always have some sort of oriental food, often Thai, as we did this day.

This has nothing to do with my post but I wanted to show you how pretty the clock is on the side of the Conciegerie. It works too.

Afterwards, we decided to have a drink. We went into this hotel first and this photo is of an unusual book with its pages folded into a design and then framed. I liked it. We didn’t get waited on quickly and we got to talking about the really good liquor made of elderberry flowers called St Germain and my friend said, “I know a place just around the corner that makes a really good drink using it!” So off we went changing our plans from tea to a cocktail.

We ended up in front of this window with a light breeze blowing in.

This was the drink. Doesn’t it look fabulous? It was made of the St Germain liquor, some proseco and some lime juice. So refreshing. A very friendly man seated us and talked to us about the various drinks made of St Germain and then he rushed off before we could decide which one we wanted. Service was slow but we finally got out drink. Later the nice man came by to ask how we liked them and my friend said, “Where did you disappear to?” We thought he would be taking our order. We kind of had to beg a waitress to wait on us. He apologized and rushed off again. We had just finished our drinks when he appeared in the window as he was clearing off a table outside and offered us another drink on him. I’m not sure why. That is not the French way. It must have been our charm so we decided, why not? So we had two and then staggered home. It was a fun afternoon.

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  1. Hello Linda. That drink does look very refreshing indeed and I wish I had one right now in fact! The clock and the unusual book in the frame are both delights for the eyes; for some reason they really attract me, the first for its beautiful craftsmanship and the second for its uniqueness. Glad you had a fun afternoon and chose to share it with the rest of us.

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