More Sardinia

I, of course, have many more photos that I took while in Sardinia so here they are:

One day we did a boat cruise that took us into some islands north of Sardinia called the Archipeligo of Maddalena. Here is a map in the city on the island of Maddalena which turned out to be charming.

Of course, being in Italy, I had to have a spritz cocktail.

A view of one of the streets in la Maddalena.

There was a man in the courtyard there with huge telescopes set up for viewing the sun which was having a big eruption. The man, very handsome and sort of Indiana Jones looking, had a name tag saying he was a doctor. And he may well have been with access to those large telescopes but I could put a name tag on my shirt and say I was a doctor too but I think he was, although he did ask for a donation to look at the sun. He said the eruption was three times the size of the earth.

Here is a look at just some of the beautiful water we saw.

This how many Italians, and my grandsons, eat their pizza-with french fries on top.

A good friend, almost 90, died while we were gone and his wife said the best way to remember and honor him was to have a glass of wine (he loved wine) in his honor while the sun set which we did.

3 thoughts to “More Sardinia”

  1. Cheers to you and the memory of your friend. 90 years is a good long life, but still sad to say goodbye to a dear friend.

    I am enjoying your views of Sardinia -thanks!

  2. I’m with you re camping: running water, please, and indoor plumbing. How very clever your grandson is, making up a song about the sea.

    Thank you for these glimpses of the Med. And although the sun has already set here, I’ll lift my glass in honor of your friend.

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