Sun and Moon

I don’t have much to post today but I did get a photo of a nice sunset and that big moon.

I think clouds always add so much to sunsets. We’ve been having rain this week so get clouds just about every day.

The moon which is larger right now because it is at its closest to the earth and is supposed to be spectacular as it comes up over the horizon. I wish it had come up over the sea, that would have been cool, but instead it was on the other side of our apartment. Because of those clouds I didn’t see it come up but decided to have one more look before going to bed and it came out from behind the clouds. The moon itself doesn’t look that much larger but I sure do like what its light did to those clouds. When I got up this morning, there is was again going down “into” the ocean but, being a day moon by now, it was pretty washed out.

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