Jellyfish and Kites

I am seeing more and more jellyfish washed up on the shore of our beach and have read that they are increasing in numbers all over the world, so much so that they are causing damage to places like nuclear plants, sinking ships that try to pull them up in nets and consuming fish in huge numbers. The increase is said to be due to the warming of the ocean waters and pollution. Once, years ago in the Caribbean, the water was full of pink jellyfish and I would get small stings where they brushed up against me. Of course, there are serious jellyfish that can kill you and even almost microscopic ones in the waters of Australia that can kill you in four minutes. Everyone thinks it’s a heart attack because they can’t see anything. Who knew, right?

Isn’t this scary? Looks like an alien of some sort. Maurice often goes out into the water after jogging to cool down but I don’t thin I want to after seeing this. Who knows what’s out there? Probably sharks too which also seem to be increasing along coastlines.

I’m sure this is the same kind of jellyfish but smaller and you can’t see the tentacles. I just liked that blue color.

And look at this design on one of them. Nature can be amazing.

We got a kite to entertain kids when they are here but mostly they drift off to play in the sand if they are too young to understand how to fly a kite. This is Maurice flying the kite. My Iphone just wouldn’t take the image quickly enough to get the kite in the photo as it was moving very quickly back and forth, up and down.

So I was going to try and get a photo from the other side when it came down hard right in front of me. I sort of like the perspective anyway.

2 thoughts to “Jellyfish and Kites”

  1. Hmmm. You know, I have the same fears about what’s lurking in the water! We live just a handful of miles from Eastbourne, on the English Channel, and hubby keeps poo-pooing my fears of sharks, saying the water here is far too cold, but I don’t trust it. Not a bit. I went into the sea once, about 2 weeks ago, on a very hot afternoon, needing to cool down and destress after an iffy day, but I simply could not relax….kept feeling things brush past my legs…..and got out the water after 15 minutes, leaving the man to pootle about in the waves on his own. I fear I am getting old and boring.

    1. I’m with you. I will sit in the water and let it wash over my feet and legs but I am not interested in getting in any deeper. I don’t think that makes us old or boring, just cautious. My grandsons kept asking me why I wore a hat, sat under an umbrella and didn’t get in the water. I guess to them, I am a fuddy duddy but, oh well.

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