I always thought yoga was supposed to be good for your body. I’ve always found it difficult, more difficult than it looks. I did a bit of it during my time at an exercise club. I never felt transcendental, closer to god, at peace, at one with the earth. I never got a jogger’s high for that matter. The other day it was raining so I thought I would do the yoga found on a TV station that we get here. It seemed pretty easy although there was a really long holding of the downward dog. Anyway, that night my lower back hurt, the next day the same but by that night I could hardly sit and when I went to bed I couldn’t find a comfortable position. Maurice gave me some of his inflammatory medication, I rubbed on some cream for pain and, finally, around 3 AM I fell asleep. I’m better today but still sore. I would go to a doctor but, of course, it is a holiday today. I think I’m going to recover but maybe I will give yoga a bye. I only have a few photos off of our balcony. We haven’t been getting out much except for excursions to the market and walks on the beach (you saw those jellyfish photos from that). I often see sailing lessons and I love to see the tiny boats for lessons for children. Yesterday I could see a big white sailboat out on the horizon and wished for a really great lens. I also like seeing boats through the little decorative squares on the railing so I did a bit of trying for some interesting photos.

This heavily edited photo shows the boat I could see. Can you see it way out there?

What I was trying to use to frame my shots.

I liked this one the best because of the cloud but can’t see the boat.

Another spectacular sunset with clouds.
So that was my exciting day.

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  1. Linda, three years ago my Physical Therapist said “for heavens sake, stop the yoga! It’s not good for you!” My back is so much better now.

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