Nothing Much

Had company all week and have been a bit out of commission but did take two photos are the very small market at les Boucholeurs right up the beach from us.

I was surprised to see colored radishes, other than red.

And I’m not sure if I’ve seen bell peppers in these colors either-white, purple and lilac.

4 thoughts to “Nothing Much”

  1. Loved reading your blog for the past few weeks, but never commented till today. I guess I might just be anxious since I am visiting blogger, Corey Amaro in 11 days. I love the beauty of France, as well as the beautiful people. Your blog reminds me of all the things I love about France.

    1. You will love Corey. She and her husband are just great, fun people. Hard to beat Provence too. It might be the best area there is in France. That’s the thing about France-there are so many wonderful areas.

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