Maurice and I made a brief overnight trip to nearby Bordeaux. It is such a beautiful city, full of golden stone architecture and lovely lanes. The 18th century was its golden age and such a fabulous job was done on the layout of Bordeaux although winding streets abound.

You can hardly walk down a street without finding a wine tasting bar or at least a restaurant all set up to offer tastings, mostly of the famous Bordeaux wine.

Maurice and I often drink a white wine from the Bordeaux region called Entre Deux Mers so this street sign caught my eye-between two walls. I wonder who came up with that name? I guess just about any small, narrow street could be called that.

Seen on an old door. What else would you put in this slot besides mail?

A look at the corner of a beautiful building.

This is certainly eye catching.

The title of an old black and white film, Arsenic and Old Lace but in French because, France. I didn’t see what they sold. Maybe antique cloth and lace?

6 thoughts to “Bordeaux”

  1. I think we have to schedule a return visit to France … soon! Germany is pretty but when I look at your photos, I feel a tug. What fun to walk along in Bordeaux.

    I hope your back is better.

    1. My back is much better, Susan, thanks. I haven’t done any exercising except for riding my bike which doesn’t hurt at all. I think I will be back to my old self soon but not sure if yoga is in my future. I never did make it to a doctor as a holiday followed by the weekend-self medicated and used anti-inflammatory pads.

      1. I’m glad it’s better. I think riding a bike is a great way to exercise without stress.

        Yes, it’s that time of year when so many folks are on holiday – an inconvenient time to need a doctor! Thanks again for the travel pics; this lovely city is now on my “to see” list.

  2. Linda, I love your little glimpses of France. I always enjoy your posts. 😊

    By the way, I Googled that Arsenic shop and it’s a lingerie shop. Sexy stuff. Oh la la!

  3. I buy those radishes at our local farmers’ markets near the beach… call them “Easter Egg Radishes”. Love them!


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