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Cole Porter, an American who for a time lived in Paris, is still well known for his songs-Anything Goes, Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love are just two of the many. A show is being put on in Paris about his life and music which starts at the end of August and goes into September. Be sure to go and see it if you can. I certainly plan to. Here is the write up about it:

On stage, a singer, a guitarist, and two dancers retrace the important steps of Cole Porter’s life. Dive into the pleasures of Paris during the roaring 1920s, the pizazz of Broadway, and the passion of Hollywood!

“Cole Porter unveiled…” This was the title of an article by Jean-François Mondot for Jazz Magazine’s blog discussing the Cole Porter Project, duo created by Mathilde and Vladimir Médail almost two years ago. This desire to “unveil” Cole Porter, going beyond his facade of a unique and provocative dandy, lead them to join talents with director Ariane Raynaud and choreographer Emma Scherer.

Cole Porter wrote songs as he lived his life: with levity and ease, but also with profound melancholy. A millionaire dandy, he was a prominent figure in Paris in the 1920s, and ended up a successful musical theater composer throughout the 30s and 40s. His whole life, Cole Porter lived with the obsession to please women in society, men in secret, and, above all else, to please the audience.

Together, we have worked to highlight the contrast between the two opposing facets of Cole Porter’s life: the social facet, worldly and full of levity; and the intimate facet, dark, even tortured. In this show, the music, the lyrics, the choreography, and the staging communicate and come together to draw the portrait of this star of Broadway musical theater, strangely still so unknown.

from August 24th to September 9th

Théâtre de Belleville
94 Rue du Faubourg du Temple
75011 Paris

Sunday, August 24th at 8:30pm
Monday, August 25th at 8:30pm
Tuesday, August 26th at 7:15pm

Sunday, August 31st at 8:30pm
Monday, September 1st at 8:30pm
Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:15pm

Sunday, September 7th at 8:30pm
Tuesday, September 9th at 7:15pm

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