Just Beachy

Just regular life here on the beach. I took some photos to document it.

You can see by that dark strip on the sky above the ocean, that rain was on its way.

And we got it. It poured. The kite surfers were out in droves. It cleared up after long and we got sun.

This is my favorite house in our village. Wish there had been a blue sky to set it off.

Here is the front porch. Someone has a green thumb. The house has a huge yard, all fenced off so we can’t see much but what we can see looked well taken care of, and a lot of work.

Maurice and his grandson.

You seldom see such a well preserved Citroen Deux Chevaux. The cheerful yellow really set it off. They aren’t made anymore but you still see them everywhere putting along, being passed by newer, larger cars.

3 thoughts to “Just Beachy”

  1. Loved all of the photos but especially Maurice and his grandson. So sweet! Of course, I also loved the 2CV; that is a pretty one! Sounds like you have had a great summer! Love to all of your family. XO

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