More Cognac

I personally am not a fan of the drink Cognac. It’s really strong and, I guess, an acquired taste. I do like Pineau des Charentes which has cognac in it and I really like the city of Cognac and its history.

I’m guessing by the little barrel over the door that the owner is in the Cognac business.

Love windows like this-wish it didn’t have the reflection in the glass.

I once did a tour of the Hennessy building showing the barrels used for storage and how the whole process works. Their boutique is very elegant and rather bare. I mainly went in to see if there was a toilet, which there was.

Here is a fancy, private cognac tasting room. I did the tasting, but not in this room, the time I did the tour as it was offered at the end

Pretty sculpture over a door.

One thought to “More Cognac”

  1. You say that “I am not a fan of the drink Cognac. It’s really strong …”

    Most probably you never got the chance to taste a well aged cognac elaborated by several generations of distillers.
    Once, you will try such a cognac, you will consider some cognacs very differently.

    If any doubt, contact me, I’ll be pleased to let you discover such treasures.

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