There is a city not far from us called Saintes. It doesn’t have anything to do with actual saints but is from a Roman name, Xaintes. Yes, another section of France where the Romans did their thing. On my way back from Cognac, I decided to make a little detour.

As you would expect, the Romans had an arch. This one was actually moved to the other side of the river that divides Saintes. There were ancient ruins and stones everywhere and even a small arena.

I went into a church while there and was surprised by this rather modern rendition of Mary looking rather stylish.

The old section of Saintes was full of fabulous architecture and there was a huge pedestrian area. It was really nice to stroll around without worrying about traffic.

A lovely lamp post in a garden there.

In a courtyard I saw a sign saying “small garden” where tables were set up for tea. It was very pretty and I walked in to take a few photos and this silly man said, “Take my photo!” so I did. His name was Xavier. I didn’t stick around to join him for a drink. I thought maybe he had had a bit much to drink but I noticed tea cups on the table so maybe he was just being funny.

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