The photo above is of a slot canyon which, as you can see, is a path between high walls that are close together created by millions of years of weather-rain and wind and surging water. It’s a great experience to walk through them until you come to a giant boulder wedged between the two walls or a tree trunk which we did three times. I slid over a boulder one time and couldn’t get a foothold or anything to hang on to so I ended up falling on my back on what was, lucky for me, sand. At another Boulder I had to link my fingers together for Maurice to use as a step to get over and then he he grabbed both of my hands to pull me up and over. Thank God, we had each other.

The entrance to the slot canyon. When I looked at the photo I was surprised to see a robed of figure with a pumpkin head holding a divining rod. I had been looking for ancient Indian drawings but I don’t think they did this. I think Mother Nature did it.

Pretty flowers outside of the canyon against some of those incredible red rock structures.

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  1. Whoa, that first photo is really stunning. I have to tell you, walking through that sort of environment would probably mess with my head. Not to mention my back! I’m sure glad you landed on sand.

    (cool pumpkin head, by the way 🙂

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