The Wave

Millions of years ago there was an enormous sand dune which covered five states and which formed into rock layers over time. Southern Utah and Northern Arizona has many areas full of interesting and beautiful rock formations left from this time. The Wave is probably the most popular and most beautiful. There are only twenty people a day are allowed to visit it to keep it as well preserved as possible. Two years ago we went in person to one of the daily drawings but didn’t get chosen but Maurice really wanted to go so kept applying on the Internet three months before when we would be in the Staes and we were finally chosen.
Luckily, we went in early October as it usually over 100 degrees (you are advised to carry a gallon of water each which, as you might expect, is very heavy. We had divided it into smaller bottles stuffed in our backpacks) in the summer. It was in the 70’s when we went and that seemed hot to me as we went up and down rock hills and trudged though deep sand. It is very easy to lose your way as there is only one marker and everything looks the same. Maurice used his GPS and we had photos the Bureau of Land Management had sent us with directions. Even then it was difficult until we could see a dark crevice in a white cliff wall far away under which was The Wave. It was nice when we came upon sand with footprints on it so we knew others had gone the same way. It was a 2 1/2 hour hike of three miles and I found I wasn’t in near enough good shape to be doing it. The last third was the hardest as it was uphill up big steps of stone and sand and I wasn’t sure if I could make it but, finally, there was The Wave in front of us and it was worth the hard work. The curving lines and striking colors were just fantastic. We had started our hike just after dawn and were the first there but were soon joined by others, the first being a French couple. Everyone had cameras. We walked around taking photos and just taking it in. Then we sat and ate sandwiches which we had brought and finally headed back. On the way we came upon a rather strange man with a hat, at least and a walking stick but he carried a bottle of Coke and he wore street shoes. He had a bewildered, lost look and seemed rather fragile. We really worried about him but found out that another couple who had done the hike had also come upon him and found a ranger who said she would check on him. Last year three people died doing this hike due to heat exhaustion and it isn’t unusual for searches to be done for lost people.
We were exhausted when we finally got back to our car. It was almost too much for us but we are very glad we did it.

Probably the best and most popular view.

Look at those lines!

There was water there from a rain and I tried to get the reflection. I needed direct sun but didn’t stay for an extra hour to get it.

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  1. Simply stunning photos, Linda! I had no idea there was such a place and am so happy that you shared it – I certainly never will make the trek. I admire you and Maurice for taking such a difficult and dangerous hike…and living to tell the story. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for posting the pictures and telling about your hike. Being hit with an illness that transformed me from an active senior to one with a cane and limited stamina, this is not a hike I’ll be taking. You gave me the opportunity to at least imagine how it must have felt to hike there and see this formation.

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