Yellowstone Park

We next headed to Yellowstone Park. The last time I was there I was a little girl and Maurice has been there before too but, then, he has been to most places in the US. He has only missed North and South Dakota-more than I’ve seen.

There are beautiful scenes of water and rivers as you enter the park from the West.

Our first visit was to Old Faithful, a geyser which used to be more on time but is now about one hour and twenty five minutes between eruptions, plus or minus ten minutes.

Here it is going off. It was almost ten minutes late. From old photos that I saw, I think it used to be higher too.

Another geyser area. It’s so unusual to have all of that heat and power so close to the crust of the earth.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

The top of a waterfall.

The waterfall from a distance.

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