Dust Storm

As we left Moab clouds gathered on the horizon and and it was very windy. We were headed back to Arizona and going through the beautiful Monument Valley deep in Navajo country and, as we neared, could barely see those famous peaks.

Here it was in the distance like a hazy scene in Wizard of Oz. notice the bad looking highway. We weren’t on a interstate all day and some of those small highways can be really bumpy.

A little closer.

Here is the scene from the tourist center. Imagine it in clear air. I was thinking that maybe the sunset would be incredible with the dust in the air but we didn’t wait to see. When we arrived at the center we had to park quite a distance away and run through the strong wind and dust then back to the car. I had dust in my mouth, hair and ears. We went through lots of blowing dust back on the road but, luckily, not one of those storms that totally obscure vision and lead to wrecks. We did end up with a huge tumble weed on our front bumper but it eventually blew off.

There was a really nice gift shop inside the tourist center with all sort of Indian objects for sale-I saw a guy in line to buy what looked like a real arrow-and I sort of like these figures in the window with part of Monument Valley in the background.

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