Ghost Town

In the copper mining area of Arizona are several towns which are now ghost towns. Many towns shut down when the copper ran out and every building became empty. Jerome was one of these. I remember driving up the mountain to look at it when I was in high school and not one building had a person in it. There were empty hotels and even an empty hospital, once one of the best in the country. Maurice and I were in the area as we headed back from our trip to Utah so drove up to take a look. Some time ago some hippie artists took over one building and the rest is history. Jerome is now packed with art shops, restaurants and hotels-and also tourists, lots of tourists walking around. Jerome is built on a very steep hill and stairs are sometimes required.

Looks like there are still hippies in town.

Here’s a nice way to run a business.

One of the hotels which gives you an idea of the look of the town.

His and her motorcycles. Lots of tatoos were seen too.

Not in Jerome, but Scottsdale. A sunset we saw the next morning.

2 thoughts to “Ghost Town”

  1. What a spectacular sunset!

    I remember Jerome well – 25 years ago I bought a gorgeous pair of hand crafted tourquoise earrings there made by a then well known Indian artist. I still love them. Jerome, not so much. šŸ™‚

  2. I love Jerome AZ. Lots of flavor – Stayed in an old saloon-like hotel w/musty rooms some years ago; then headed to the Mohave Desert… Beautiful places; beautiful photos!

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