One Follows Another

A friend and I went to lunch the other day at a new place where the chef is an American from California who serves beef and pork ribs, barbecued. It’s called Flesh and it was very good although I wouldn’t have minded an American helping of the ribs I ordered.

Here it is.

This place was across the street and had a good looking menu. I think when a good place arrives on the scene, others will follow. It was true on this street.

The interior of the other place looking rather American and the menu was too.

My barbecued ribs. The side of squash was really good and their fries were excellent-not those frozen ones that you sometimes get.

This building was across the street. I just liked its looks-very Parisian and with a Montmartre feel.

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      1. No doubt! And it is a very small serving of ribs. I think “Flesh” is kind of a creepy name, although the owner must have thought it is clever.

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