Since I Was There

I was in the neighborhood near the famous Galeries Lafayette and thought I should get a photo of the Christmas tree there under the dome. I made the mistake of going in the evening on a Saturday and the whole store and street were just packed with people, but I got my photos.

Because I was using my iPhone, I couldn’t get the whole tree into the frame so here is the top part up by the dome. As you can see, they did the tree upside down this year.

And here is the bottom part that I took from a few floors up.

Not far away I passed a Paul Boulangerie and took a photo of these cute little dough boys dipped in chocolate.

I’m always interested to see Bagel shops in Paris.

With free wifi for girls? Didn’t ask about that.

A shop typical in the area with very nice fruit and vegetables outside and groceries inside-usually pretty expensive.

I was passing a restaurant that had an open door showing a festive little Christmas tree. We aren’t putting up a tree this year as we will be out of town but I may put out a few candles.

4 thoughts to “Since I Was There”

  1. My daughter told me about the upside-down Christmas tree at Les Galeries this year. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to see it though. I have loved seeing the place decorated a few times over the years.

  2. That is one dramatic Christmas tree – what amazing colors too. I love it. And also the little golden tree in the restaurant’s open door. Things are looking very festive there in Paris. I wish you a Merry Christmas, Linda, and may the New Year bring you and yours many good things.

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