A Spanish Christmas Eve

We are in Spain in a little city called Nerja for Christmas. The partner of Maurice’s son, while French, has connections here including the fact that her parents live here. We were invited for dinner on Christmas Eve. This being a French celebration in Spain, we were invited to arrive around nine and didn’t finish eating until well after eleven and we didn’t make it to bed until two. The meal started with hors d’ouvres of salmon and shrimp and, of course, champagne-French, a starter of foie gras, followed by turkey and chestnut dressing, a green salad and a very rich Spanish cake. It was a fun evening. I have a few photos that I took with my IPad that aren’t the best due to poor lighting but it will give you an idea of the evening.

The pretty, elegant Christmas tree.

A closeup of the tree with roses and angels.

A very French (and unAmerican) Santa who was actually the uncle of the three year old there. He kept his face covered with that silly beard and hat and the little boy had no idea who he was. He wouldn’t go near him either. The uncle had staged a phone call earlier saying he was Santa and would be coming soon. Most of the French Santas that I have seen, this one included, are not fat and speak in a squeaky Mickey Mouse voice. As always, it was fun to share in the excitement of a child and Santa. Afterwards we went up on the upstairs terrace and some great fireworks were set off in true Spanish fashion without those pesky French or American regulations to stop the fun. It was a great evening.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. We had a full complement of kids and grandkids here for Christmas week, so I’m just getting back to the computer. Rod and I send best wishes for a happy, healthy new year to you both, and for more fascinating travels in the future.

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