A Cold Walk

A very dear friend of mine is here in Paris. We set out to Montmartre the other day and I wore my light winter jacket which turned out to be a mistake and I just about froze to death before I got home. It barely got above freezing all day. I survived however and we had an interesting walk through the Montmartre cemetery as we headed toward the metro.

A grandiose tomb devoted to the Polish who died in war.

A very unusual family tomb. Note the leaden gray skies.

I took her to see this tomb of Dalida, a famous French pop singer who lived in Montmartre. She was actually from Egypt.

This is the tomb of the famous cancan dancer painted by Toulouse Lautrec.

I took this one because the flower looked so yellow against the gray statue. It’s a bit out of focus. I think I will have to get a new IPhone soon.

By the time we got to the metro it was dark and it was nice to see the Moulin Rouge lit up at night.

3 thoughts to “A Cold Walk”

  1. Wearing the wrong jacket can be a disaster! Glad you were able to keep going. Lovely pictures. I especially like that one with the flower (?tulip) on the statue. I would have taken that too.

  2. I would love to wander around that cemetery, perhaps on a warmer day! The sky did add to the drama of some of the photos, however.

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