Je Suis Charlie

Of course, everyone has heard of the tragedy here in Paris where two terrorists, brothers again, killed twelve people in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine that made fun of every religion there is. Among those killed was a policeman who happened to be a Muslim. This isn’t about being Muslim, it about being full of hatred, fear and enemies of free speech. I am not political and am not able to speak of any of this, really. I do know the gunmen were connected to Al Qaeda. I was here in Paris when the attacks of September 11th occurred and now here I am still in Paris when this attack occurs. Maurice didn’t want me to leave the apartment yesterday as the gunmen were said to be headed back to Paris for a final suicidal finish which didn’t occur, by the way. So it’s scary but I think the best thing is to continue living our lives, unlike so many in the world are unable to do, such as those in Syria. We aren’t being bombed, innocent bystanders. The night of the attack we went out to eat at a couscous place in our neighborhood with friends, a normal activity, lucky to be alive and living a good life.

I had tagine with beef, prunes, almonds and potatoes. It was really good.

The pretty interior.

At the end we had a glass of mint tea which was poured into our glasses from a high height. They did this in Morocco too so it must be a custom.

Our tea pot and tea glass. I don’t understand why they don’t serve the tea in cups with handles because the glasses are too hot to pick up at first-ancient tradition.

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  1. I’m very glad you had your meal out, continued on enjoying the gift of life and friends.

    The situation is sobbering, heartbreaking and so frustrating to me, to all freedom-loving, respectful people.

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