I went out yesterday to check out the site of Charlie Hebdo where the shootings took place in Paris and also to take a look at Republique where the first spontaneous gathering happened the night after the shootings and where the famous walk started on Sunday where over three million people marched against violence and for hope.

The street where the offices of Charlie Hebdo are located was blocked and people had stacked flowers, notes, books and candles against the barriers. There were also still TV crews set up there.

A closer view.

Death of laughter. There were also full bottles of wine left.

And, of course, many pens.

Then over to Place de la Republic which, a couple of years ago, had been made into a wide open space which was good for gatherings.

The statue in the middle had been climbed on during the Sunday before and was covered with all sorts of items having to do with the shootings. This monument had recently been cleaned and I hated to see permanent graffiti on it. I suppose they have ways of removing it.

There are little tableaux all around the monument relating to events in the French Revolution and these were used to put in things having to do with the shootings.

This was the next cover for the next issue of Charlie Hebdo. Once again they are using an image of Muhammad for the cover. I have to say that I didn’t like this magazine. I’ve never been a fan of most satirical art, especially when it borders on pornography which a lot of drawings in Charlie Hebdo did. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they did, things which drew the ire of fanatics in the Muslim world. They didn’t limit their satire to the Muslim world, of course. Everyone was fair game. Still, I believe in freedom of expression. I just don’t have to look at it or buy it.

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  1. Thanks, Linda, for the on-the-spot report. I hadn’t seen photos of the mountains of gifts that people left in remembrance so I was interested in seeing your pictures.


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