Good Friends, Good Food

I have a friend here in Paris right now who used to live here (in fact in our very apartment) with her husband. They took us to a cute little neighbourhood restaurant years ago and we decided to once again have dinner there. It was as good as we remembered, packed with French people and we arrived at 7:30 PM because they needed our table at 9:30. It’s a place you wouldn’t find just walking around. It’s not in a trendy area and is on a tiny street easy to miss.

I love the interior seen here without the crowd of customers as we arrived first.

They’ve repainted since we here last. I think it all used to be red and yellow.

We all ordered steak and potatoes which comes out on a wooden plank. It was really delicious.

I took this photo of the dessert menu to show the forest cake with was done with oreo cookies. Interesting. It is easy to find Oreos in France now.

Maurice and I shared a baba au rhum, a cake with rum poured over it.

Seen from the outside looking inviting on a cold, rainy evening.

8 thoughts to “Good Friends, Good Food”

    1. Susan-it’s in the 12th. I’ll be glad to give you the name and address when I see you. There are many places like this all over Paris but they don’t always get known. I did see that it was on Trip Advisor though.

    1. I’m not really keeping it secret. I’d be glad to share the name if any one writes and asks me. It’s hard to keep something to yourself in a place like Paris.

  1. Oh my! The steak and potatoes on the plank look like those we had in the little restaurant you told us about in the 11th. Rod and I often speak of dinners there.

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