You can find brocantes just about every week-end in Paris and we went to one under the subway train tracks one Sunday to check one out.

And here it is spread out under the tracks on a cold windy day.

Right across the street from le Monde, a well known newspaper in France.

We ended up buying this desk so Maurice doesn’t have to write on his computer while it’s on the coffee table.

I love French writing like what you see here in a large document of some sort for sale. The writing always looks so elegant. I think Maurice has very elegant hand writing too.

This guy was for sale too.

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant and Maurice and I shared this dessert. It’s one of those chocolate cakes that are hot and oozy in the middle.

4 thoughts to “Shopping”

  1. I love beautiful handwriting too, although I don’t have it myself. I think it’s become a lost art because of heavy use of keyboards and lack of emphasis in schools. At any rate, Maurice now has a pretty desk to write on, whether on a keyboard or by hand.

  2. I am very glad I didn’t wander through a Brocante while visiting Paris – no doubt it would have led to buying another suitcase!

    Oozy chocolate cake is so great.

  3. Love that desk and the beautiful handwriting too. Mine used to be gorgeous until the neuropathy (from chemo), That chocolate cake looks divine!


  4. That table-desk is quite lovely.

    And I’m such a sucker for old books and handwritten things that I’d likely have bought whatever that was, just to figure it out later. Also known as Full Bookcases.

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