Pet Cemetery

Out in the suburbs of Paris you will find a little pet cemetery full of beloved pets, not just dogs and cats, but a few other animals such as a monkey, a rabbit and a chicken. It is a sad and sweet place and two ladies with me cried the whole time while there.

The front gate.

The tomb of a Saint Bernard that saved the lives of 40 people, dying after the 41st.

A bit over the top.

The two beloved dogs of a princess.

The famous Rin Tin Tin who was brought from France as a puppy by a soldier and later became the famous star of film.

I liked this one. Many of the tombs are old and starting to disintegrate. The cemetery was first built at the end of the 1800’s.

Maybe some carnival decorations? There were many Christmas decorations still on tombs too.

A much visited grave.

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  1. Never mind….I googled this and found out that he was based in a monastery/hospice in Switzerland and rescued many different people who were lost in the mountains or injured there. His body was preserved and is in the Bern Museum of Natural History. He retired to Bern 2 years before his death, so he did not die while performing a rescue.


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