A Different Neighbourhood

I had some major technical issues with my blog but, hopefully, we are back to normal. I wrote this posting a few weeks ago and saved it.

When we go to a movie it is usually at a theatre next to the Bercy Park. (Just saw The History of Everything and I really enjoyed it).
Sometimes we cross the Seine into the 13th arrondissement for a meal. It’s becoming yuppified as they say with many places to eat.

Sorry to make you dizzy, but this is a shot of the Bibliotheque Nationale found there with many restaurants in the area and another movie theatre. You see a lot of young people when here.

A tree at Bercy park whose green side drew my attention.

Going down the escalator to the metro stop on line 14, the newest line right now as you can see.

Looking up the other way. Thank God for elevators and escalators. Every once in a while they aren’t working and an aerobic workout insues.

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