Walking Downhill

In the effort to add more steps to my fitbit I have been walking more. Two or three weeks ago I was up in Montmartre, which is the highest area in Paris, and walked down hill ending up at the Garner Opera House. I should have tried to go further but I ran out of gas.

This is another area Haussman didn’t get to and it has it’s own architecture.

I saw this very pretty ship on a building. The ship is the symbol of the city of Paris.

This building looks like it could be a Haussman but I’m not sure. I love the shape of it.

I’m not usually on this side of the Garner. The light posts are certainly one of a kind. From here I walked a short way and took bus 29 back home.

3 thoughts to “Walking Downhill”

  1. “I’m tired of photos of Paris” said NOBODY … EVER!

    You capture Paris in such lovely photos and share them with us, and I thank you! Good for you, for walking down from the lofty spot!

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