The Beautiful Marais

I always take friends to the Marais when they visit. It’s one of my favourite areas of Paris, full of interesting architecture.

Walking down a street I got a glimpse of this beautiful garden which is at the back of the Cognacq Jay Museum.

I love this little watch tower on the side of a wall which was once a convent.

Two of these on doors of a building, once a home. I believe they are keeping away evil spirits. They certainly are eye-catching.

Kosher bread in the window of a Jewish shop.

The half timbered siding of what is now a youth hostel.

A paved alley between a church and other buildings sloping down to the Seine. I just saw this in a commercial for Givenchy Men’s Cologne with Simon Baker riding a bike down this. Rather bumpy.

3 thoughts to “The Beautiful Marais”

  1. my husband and I are planning a visit to Paris for two weeks at the end of August. Your posts about Paris are so inspiring!!!!! I make notes about what to see and experience often after reading? Thank you so much for sharing your Paris!

  2. The area shown in your last picture, the sloping sidewalk, is one of my most favorite spots in Paris. I thought it was my secret!

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