The Marais Never Gets Old

I always find something new to charm me in the Marais, or even stop to enjoy something I’ve seen many times.

The synagogue designed by Guimard always appeals to me.

The soldiers on the streets by Jewish schools and synagogues is new since the recent attacks.

Street cleaner wearing his green outfit with that silly green broom.

The inviting interior of a restaurant, The Dome. One day I may eat there.

At the small museum in the Marais, the Cognacq Jay, is a display right now with some designs by Christian Lacroix. He had mostly contributed clothing.

He did this too, sort of a military look.

2 thoughts to “The Marais Never Gets Old”

  1. The gown’s very beautiful. What’s going on in the back of it? I can’t decide if that’s just an extra flounce or if the ruff, the sleeves and the flounce is a jacket over the dress. The mannequin with the helmet is a hoot.

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