Around rue Montorgueil

A very popular street for wandering around, looking in windows, looking at food for sale is rue Montorgueil. It’s especially beautiful at Christmas as they do fabulous lights but it’s even okay on a cloudy, windy and rainy day.

This sculpture is found inside Saint Eustache church commemorating the time when the area of les Halles had a huge food market.
The church is near the start of rue Montorgueil and a lot of the history of Paris happened here.

The famous Storers is here. They have food to go, candy and really good pastries.

As you might guess, this restaurant is known for escargot.

Excuse the blur. It’s a photo of the onion soup a friend and I had at Pied du Cochon. A good way to warm up.

The lovely lights inside the restaurant.

A pleasant surprise at the end of our meal-made of meringue.

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