Around the Louvre

One Saturday morning I turned on my phone and there was a message from a friend saying I could meet her at the Pont des Arts. I got dressed and arrived on time but she was nowhere to be seen. I rechecked my message and that’s when I noticed that it had been sent about two weeks prior. I’m not sure how that happened. So, since I was there, I took a few photos before heading home.

This couple was getting their photo taken in one of the arches at the Louvre.

These stylish girls walked by. It was fashion week and I thought perhaps they were going to a show but maybe they just liked dressing up.

As it was Saturday morning I was able to get a photo of one side of the Louvre from across the street without any vehicles to spoil the view. It gives you an idea of just how huge the museum is. If you walked around the outside circumference it would be a three mile hike.

A look at the Pont des Arts from a distance.

A pretty bench at a nearby park-a book as it is near a school.

I took this photo of the Louvre from a different side on a different day from a bus as we passed by.

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