The Tudors

At the Luxembourg Museum you can find an exhibition of the Tudors until July 19th, rulers of England throughout the 16th century. From Henry VII to Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I you have the makings of many dramas, the desolution of the Catholic church in England (and marriages), beheadings and plots for plays by Shakespeare and coming soon to American television, Wolf Hall which is about Henry VIII and his six wives. I remember a movie a while back called Anne of a Thousand Days about a queen caught up in those unsettled times. There wasn’t a line the one day I was in the area so I popped in for a look.

A little blurry as flash wasn’t allowed, but the back of a king’s robe.

Some armour worn by Henry VIII. I remember seeing the armour lined up in order of age in, I think, Hampton Court, and you can see that Henry gained considerable weight as time passed. This looks so uncomfortable.

A painting of Henry VII.

Elizabeth I. I thought the films by Kate Blanchette were so good about this queen, rather sad too.

The back of a royal robe.

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