Did you know that mustard is a huge thing in France? Many French people use it with meat, for instance eating with steak like Maurice and you can find all sorts of areas that make their own. Maille Mustard is one of the most famous mustards. You can find it in the States but it tastes different here, usually with a stronger taste. Right across the street from the Madeleine church is a Maille Mustard boutique, a rather elegant place.

The store front.

There are all sorts of flavours for sale as you can see.

The red jars are a new color there. You can get mustard decanted into them, rather like beer. They then pound in a cork top to keep it in.

You could taste it too. Some of it was mild but one had a taste that about blew my nose off.

Outside you can see the reflection of Madeleine church in the window.

Next door was a chocolate shop-I think those giant eggs are supposed to be cows in an artistic way. There were metal pipes inside which lined up exactly with the columns on the church which I thought was great.

5 thoughts to “Mustard”

  1. I love the column/pipe effect you captured.
    And who knew mustard was so popular in France?! I didn’t. And that would be a fun store to visit.

  2. I also love your photo of the window with pipes that are lined up with the church columns! VERY COOL

    I also am a Maille mustard fan from way back…like 40 years. I used to buy the Green Peppercorn and use it as a pretzel dip and on sandwiches. I still buy the Dijon. I have several recipes which call for mustard.

    Hugs from PA

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