le Train Bleu

I was in the neighborhood of Gare de Lyon and decided to make a quick stop to check out the restaurant there, le Train Bleu, which was originally done in the Belle Epoque style in 1901 but has had a bit of a renovation done.

The station is always packed with people waiting for trains. We used to come here to get a train to Provence when we had a place there.

As I recall, this sign is new.

The interior dining room looked the same.

They left the beautiful paintings on the ceiling.

One change I saw was in the side rooms for drinks or tea with modern furniture and drapery.

The bathrooms had totally been ripped out and replaced. They were beautiful with brass and dark wood. I wonder what happened to it? I hope it was saved. Change isn’t always good.

The lovely stairs going up to the restaurant.

This rather pushy man got on our crowded bus on the way home. I took a photo from behind of his fake leopard skin beret. We eventually got to sit down across from him. There was a girl nearby with the “fashionable” jeans with torn knees and he said to her, “Did you fall?” She looked at him and said, “No. Is that a leopard on your head?” He shut up. Made me laugh.

4 thoughts to “le Train Bleu”

  1. What a hoot, I,ve never seen a hat in such a print on a man. Love what the girl on the bus said, was it all in French? Can you say “is that a leopard on your head” in Frenxh??? I would love to be that fluent!

  2. I know they have been renovating the restaurant in Gare d’Austerlitz too, but don’t know if it is finished or if it will be so grand — not sure if it ever was.

    Did you try the food?

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