My Favorite

Not too far from the Eiffel Tower is a beautiful Art Nouveau apartment building by architect Jules Lavirotte in 1901. It’s found at 20 Rue de Rapp. It’s one of the show stoppers with artistic renderings all over it.

The front door.

The lady over the door is wearing a fox stole with a head on it.

Lizard door handle.

A lady came out the door and I zipped inside to take a look. It’s rather bare but there is still some great rod iron.

The door from inside.

This is a small square next to the building, interesting in its self.

4 thoughts to “My Favorite”

  1. Linda, I loved this post. That gorgeous Art Nouveau apartment building, and especially the last photo of the jerk in the leopard beret. That girl had a brilliant reply to his snide comment!

  2. Lucky you to get inside! I took many pictures of this building one morning a few years ago but none of them were as good as yours. Nice work!


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