Here and There in Paris

Some days I just sort of mindlessly walk around Paris and take photos and, as you might expect, except for them being in Paris, there isn’t really a theme. Here are a few of them:

A devout Jew in the Marais (note the soldiers in the background) reading what looked like a Bible but turned out to be his iPhone on the opened pages. Modern times.

A small garden in the sun with Spring flowers blooming.

A small sculpture of a horse behind a cloudy window.

A reluctant little dog when it sees that giant dog in front of it.

Protiferoles, my favourite French dessert. Chocolate sauce people.

St Paul St Louis Church in the Marais. I’m always amazed to see the front of churches like this, sort of a false one with the actual lower building behind it, added after the original building to change the style.

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