Umbrellas Overhead

I saw someone else’s photo of some umbrellas hanging overhead in a passage, Passage du Grand Cerf, and headed there to take some photos.

They started half way down the passage.

It turns out that they were an artistic display done by this umbrella shop.

A closeup of sorts.

From one end.

From the other end. This was taken into the sun as it streamed in from the glass ceiling and I liked the way it made the umbrellas glow.

4 thoughts to “Umbrellas Overhead”

  1. So pretty. I checked a picture I had taken of a shopping lane in Fathiye (spelling?) Turkey that had umbrellas strung above, but they were outdoors and hung with the handles down, and we were glad of them as it rained while we were there. Not as artistically done as these, in the arcade. Your new format is a bit more cumbersome for photos, or is it just me?

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