The Prettiest Village in Ireland

That’s what they say about the village of Adare and it certainly was pretty. We spent the night at a B&B there on our way to Dublin and enjoyed walking around.

It’s best known for a row of cottages with thatched roofs. They certainly are romantic.

One of them had a really fabulous garden, as you can see.

We saw that there was a five star hotel there in a renovated castle. It was a long drive through green fields and golf greens to get to the gate. I asked the man there, who was wearing a top hat and fancy outfit, if the hotel, called the Adair Manor, had a bar that we could get a drink at. He said, “This is Ireland. Of course the hotel has a bar.” Here is the entrance.

We parked and went inside and the doorman said he had been asked what time the bar closed and he replied, “In October”. He had to check to see if there was room in the bar as the hotel was fully booked. There wasn’t but we still got to look around.

Lots of pretty arches and doorways.

And this was the Manor from the back. Not too shabby.

8 thoughts to “The Prettiest Village in Ireland”

  1. I like the doorman’s comments, that sounds like the Ireland I knew. Those cottages are pretty on the outside but dark and damp inside. I lived in a couple of them, not thatched but otherwise the same.
    Ireland has changed a lot since I lived there but I would still like to go back.

    1. Same in France-many charming places are small and cramped inside. I have to say that I sure did meet a lot of friendly Irish people. They were a lot of fun.

  2. We once had the best time exploring the golf course at Adare Manor because it’s on the grounds of an old abbey and many of the abbey buildings are still there, in ruins. Adare is lovely but the prettiest town in Ireland is Inistioge!


      1. A good reason to return, and everyone should have a reason to return to beautiful, friendly Ireland. If I thought the dollar would behave I think I’d move there.

  3. I thought there’d always be room for two more in a bar in Ireland, but guess because it was 5 Star…? Are you attending the Tennis?

    1. It was a 5 Star hotel so I guess they couldn’t wedge us in.
      We didn’t get tickets in time to see the French Open but we are watching it on TV.

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