Dublin and Cork

Our last few days were spent in Dublin and Cork. While in Dublin we visited the Trinity College as I wanted to see the library there called The Long Room. I’ve seen lots of photos of it and didn’t want to miss it. There are several small gates entering into the campus of the college. The library was easily found by the long line of people waiting to get in.

This moving art piece was nearby.

As you can see, it really is a long room. We also saw the Book of Kells before we entered, written on calf skin vellum in the ninth century and beautifully illustrated. There was a really good exhibition about the book and its history.

A pretty staircase in the room.

You need a ladder to get up to the top. Of course, you weren’t allowed near the books, you could only look. There are 200,000 books in the room, all leather bound.

We went into a part of Dublin called Temple Bar where there are all sorts of pubs, many with traditional Irish music. It was a fun thing to do.

The day before we left we went to Cork as our airport was there. This was the view from our hotel.

I didn’t get many photos there but here is what is called the English Market selling meat, fish, veggies and fruit. One night we were in a hotel watching TV-there were only 5 channels-and saw a show about a woman who was terrified of public speaking but she was going to have to do it anyway for a store she owned. Somehow they made a show about her, some women training her in public speaking, getting her confident and ready. At the end she is in front of a bunch of people and does a really good job. The name of her stores are Vibes and Scribes http://vibesandscribes.ie. We were trying to find something else while walking around Cork using our gps on our phones when I saw the name of her store. I popped in and told them-she wasn’t there-that I had seen the show and had to see the store. There are four or so in Cork and you can even buy online. They were pleased I told them. A sort of fun thing for me.

And then we were back on our way to Paris. I took a photo of the green fields sort of obscured with clouds and was surprised to see the shamrock on the engine when I looked at the photo later. We were on Air Lingus. Great trip, great to be back home.

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  1. You had a wonderful trip and I loved seeing the intriguing photos. Thanks for taking all of us along. ( Just visiting The Long Room would have made the trip worth it. ) Funny that you caught the shamrock on the jet pod by accident. You should send it to Air Lingus, they might publish it in their inflight magazine.

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