Ma Cocotte

Phillippe Starck has opened a new place in les Puces, the famous area for buying antiques. I probably would never go there for a meal as it is very much out of our neighborhood but the party for Maurice’s grandchildren who just turned 18, was held there so I got to experience it. It’s not far out and wacky in design like many of Starck places are, and not a geisha to be seen, as several of his places have them. It had lovely old fashioned tile on the floor and had a sort of basic bistro look. The party was upstairs in a private area with doors that opened to balconies. It was a warm evening so it was great to be outside in the shade.

We walked around the many stalls holding antiques before the party. It turns out they close at 6 PM on Saturday nights but we did see a few interesting things. At one time, in my former life, I had a table something like this. I downsized in material things and upsized in husband.

I thought these giant framed medallions were interesting. I though a lot of the furniture and decorations could only fit in a chateau and wondered who bought things like that.

The exterior.

A look at the downstairs.

Isn’t that a great floor?

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