We passed many villages with intersting churches that were stops on the Camino but we stayed in Conques. We weren’t on the freeway but a little curvy road that started out being charming but after a day of driving on it, I was really tired. Conques was the next village so we called and made a reservation at a hotel there, the Sainte Foy. We were lucky enough to get a really great view of the cathedral there. It’s a very small viallage with just one main street with a couple of others braching out from it and it is closed to cars, a little place forgotten in time but rediscovered by tourists and a stop for pilgrims on their trek.

The view of the cathedral from our room on the second floor.

The entrance to the cathedral below street level.

I loved the slate roofs there.

The terrace for breakfast in the hotel.

The hotel was full of antiques including two really old radiators with doors on them with shelves inside for keeping food warm or maybe dring out shoes and gloves? I’m not sure.

4 thoughts to “Conques”

  1. When I go, I want to see all of the old buildings and architecture. I have a fascinating photo book by Michael Saint James called BRidges of Paris and these pictures are amazing and I will definitely be seeing these as well as the old churches and buildings, I cannot wait! James’ book site is, well worth a look if Paris is in your future or just a fav place!

  2. Isn’t Conques wonderful? It’s one of my favorite places in France. Have you read the book “The Little Saint”? I read it years before I got there, yearned to go as a result, and was not at all disappointed!


    1. Libbie-I haven’t read that book but I will look for it. There are so many interesting and beautiful places in France that are missed if you stay on the freeways.

  3. Lovely shots of Conques. The little cottage with the red geranium is the personification of many peoples’ fantasy of France. I was there only for a day but found it a fascinating town. Did you visit the St Foy statue and learn about the little saint?

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